Walking Wynwood

This past weekend I took my first trip to Miami to meet up with my partner for a little vacation. I had always had negative assumptions about Miami because it is the home of the Miami Heat and Pitbull, but I was surprised by the allurement of the area. We spent an afternoon exploring Wynwood, and I fell in love with the art, and charm of the neighborhood. My senses were stimulated with the views and the cuisine options, and I was so content taking in the environment, and just being while walking the streets of Wynwood.

However, Wynwood has not always been the same neighborhood my partner and I experienced this weekend. In the early to mid 1900’s Wynwood was mostly populated by the working class. There were many opportunities for residents to find work with the Miami fashion district being primarily located in Wynwood, but a couple decades later the neighborhood was on the decline with unemployment rates rising, immigrants quickly filling the neighborhood, and drug trafficking inhabiting the area. Residents had trouble surviving in the community and were quick to relocate to where they could find jobs.

In the early 2000’s the neighborhood became established as Miami’s art district. In October of 2009 Tony Goldman created the area of Wynwood Walls (pictured below). The area soon became notorious for street art and color filled the streets of Wynwood. If you are interested on more information on the history of Wynwood click here to visit the website for Miami History.

While walking around Wynwood we stumbled upon a local brewery and decided to check it out. Concrete Beach Brewery lived up to its slogan of “Drink Art, Make Beer.” The beers were truly unique, and the staff was extremely friendly offering us a tour, and opportunities to learn more about beer and brewing. Some of my favorite brews from the day include: Tropic of Passion, Passionfruit Wheat Ale and the Rica IPA. You really can’t go wrong trying any of the beers and their beer flights were extremely affordable.

If you have the opportunity I highly suggest adding Wynwood to your list of areas to visit while in Miami. There is something for everyone, and you can’t go wrong trying out any of the local businesses in the area.


IMG_3937IMG_3954 IMG_3940IMG_3947IMG_3961IMG_3948IMG_3949

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